Horsetooth Fettuccine Alfredo
Oberon Clovis, RCH, CC   X   CH Lakewoods Blue Velvet, JC, RN
DOB:  01-28-2013
AKC #:  
Alfredo is our goofy, silly pup from Racing Champion, Oberon
Clovis and AKC Champion Bella.

His greatest joy in life is any type of reunion - whether we
have been gone for an hour or two, or were just in the next
room, any reunion is cause for much butt & tail wagglling,
body wiggling, snorting, and  moaning and groaning his
delighted greetings.

He is an 'equal-opportunity snuggler' and seems to be friends
with every dog in the household.

He is generally very easy-going, and just a very fun dog to be
around.  He enjoys obedience, and is beginning to put the
puzzle pieces togehter on the straight and oval tracks.

We are hopefull  that he will follow in his father's footsteps
and become a great runner.