"Bok Choy"
Horsetooth Bok Choy, OTR
Whisperun Enchanted Tim, SC, RN, SR, OTR  X   Horsetooth Penelope Pogostick, JC, RN, SR, OTR
DOB:  10-12-2011
AKC #:  
HP41926409  /  NAWRA #:  5193  /  NOTRA #:  5877
Bok Choy is a bright, comical dog.  He's got his
father Timmy's sense of humor and loves to make
confidence, spirit and drive.

He likes to be first out the door, first in the car, first
at most things!  But he's not overly dominant and
his good nature allows him to fit in with all of the
other dogs quite easily.

Bok Choy likes to play with all sorts of toys -
especially tennis balls! - and also loves to work
(more of the charming combination of his parents'

He loves to go to training classes, and recently
entered his first show, where he was quite sure that
all the attention was for him.  

A big, powerfully-built dog, we look forward to
seeing how he does on the lure.