Horsetooth Runrig Fermi, OTR, RN, AKC Major Pointed
GCh Piper's Divine Warrior   X   Horsetooth Penelope Pogostick, RN, JC, SR, OTR
DOB:  04-13-2010
AKC #:  
HP37161005  //  NAWRA #:  5003  //  NOTRA #:  5282
Fermi is an early riser and likes to let us know he is
ready to start the day with his soft moan of
"now-now-now-now."   So we start our morning with a
chuckle.   We partition our home with baby gates to
manage the pack.  For Fermi, these are merely
wonderfully fun toys to jump over.  Partitions don't
interest him, but jumping over things is definitely high on
his list of hobbies.  He doesn't mind challenging himself
to go high or far. Fear is for the other dog.
Fermi is a really sweet boy with a smidgen of intensity.  Fermi likes
to challenge the pack leaders during horseplay but is otherwise an
easy going young fellow.

He is the "Mad Smiler."  A greeting from Fermi is highlighted by a
full toothy grin.  If his entire body was not wiggling from his
furiously wagging tail, one would mistake it for junkyard dog snarl.  
But Fermi is just one of those dogs who smiles.
At Fermi's core is enthusiasm.  Whatever is to be done, it
should be pursued with rigor and positive attitude.  His
leadership qualities makes him unafraid to be independent
and to make his own choices.  That may include bounding
over six foot privacy fence from a mere stand simply to see
if there is a squirrel on the other side or perhaps give us a
the property.  That is just Fermi, he has things to
do..."Fermi things."  
People making funny noises or sounds drives Fermi into a frenzy of joyful excitement!  Do that, and we feel that
we are boxing a kangaroo.  New household rule: never sing any Franki Valli songs if we are wearing nice clothes.
In regards to running, showing, and doing obedience we feel Fermi is going to be good.  It is the standard
operating protocol of an optimist.  He loves to run, do obedience and show.  We would say that Fermi likes to work,
but we don't think Fermi would think of it as work. For Fermi it is all about something to brighten his day.  One of
his favorites is the butt scratch. Fermi will return the favor of a butt scratch with a performance of the Fermi version
of a Butt dance, complete with all the high stepping and butt swaying.  Fermi performs his butt dance with his
normal energy and enthusiasm; think Richard Simmons after a few drinks.
Fermi is a slender boy but we have found he will keep his weight up if he is allowed to graze all day on simple dry
kibble.  This is a bit of a challenge since we have a few dogs who would also like to eat all day, but not is a good
way.  But we have found some compromises that allows us to keep adequate fill on Fermi.

Fermi continues to be extremely tight with his brother, Feynman.  They seem to have the ability to keep any
rivalry out of the picture and gravitate toward sticking together.  It is pleasant to watch.

Fermi is an uncomplicated dog.  He is a life enthusiast with just a touch of alpha.