Horsetooth Runrig Feynman, RN, OTR, SR
GCh Piper's Divine Warrior   X   Horsetooth Penelope Pogostick, RN, JC, SR, OTR
DOB:  04-13-2010
AKC #:  
HP37161007  //  NAWRA #:  5004  //  NOTRA #:  5286
Like the man he is named after, Feynman is a goof. As a three year old
now, Feynmen frequently wears an expression that suggests that he is lost
in thoughts that express vague worry.  But that is just a quirk.  Feynman is
a social boy who feigns naiveté.  He is not too interested in pack hierarchy
although he is willing to hold his own as he is a strong boy. He seems
perfectly at home swarming with the pack. He exerts his presence through
rigorous greetings, and we have the bruises to prove it.
Feynman is the "Greeting Torpedo."   In more quiet are
typing or taking a sip of tea, give our elbows a good
nudge.  Then he looks away as if it wasn't him.  When
we are cooking, Feynman likes to be there helping.  He
isn't begging, just "helping."  And his help means we to
get our meals prepared.  He likes to "help" the other
dogs in the pack by enthusiastically nosing their
muzzles, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they don't
seem to like it.  But nobody stays mad at Feynman, he
is just too innocent and good natured.  
There is no agenda with Feynman, he is a strait-forward
fellow.  For instance, when Feynman wants to go out while
subtle clues.  He jumps on our chest and claws at our
neck. Then he will sit down and stare at us, as if to stay,
"Must I send you another subtle clue?"  It is the type of
gentle manners that we here at Horsetooth Whippets work
so hard to cultivate.  He will also be more assertive than
most of our dogs when soliciting pets and scratches.  He
has perfected "the nudge," and we will pet him while on the
computer or reading without even being aware we are
doing it.  Clever boy.
Despite his seemingly naive demeanor, Feynman is actually quite a competent dog while working.  He definitely has
an "on switch" and has proven himself in the obedience ring and on the track.  He has excellent conformation lines
Feynman likes to be involved in all family events, joining the pack in barking at ferocious rabbits or other fuzzy
woodland creatures, beating up each other while running or even sleeping in a big pile.  Besides the S & M
greetings, with people Feynman appears a calm, even mannered dog who is able to be highly social even in a house
full of dogs.