Horsetooth Whippets is expecting puppies in October 2011!!!

Jett & Polliwog  - delivered 5 healthy pups on Oct. 19th, 2011.
4 boys and 1 girl.  The girl will be staying at Horsetooth Whippets.  
Jett & Polliwog
The Jett & Polliwog litter has been bred for personality and performance.

Both parents are:

  • Intelligent (both hold Rally-Obedience titles)

  • Reserved (both have sweet, somewhat quiet personalities)

  • Athletic (Jett holds the NOTRA Oval Track Racer title, and Polli
    conditions regularly with the rest of the 'big' whippets)
Chinese Delights II Litter
Kung Pao
now Salinger)
(now Larry)
Mu Shu
(now Jett)
(now Trevor)