Horsetooth Big Johnsons Blue Butternuts of Amulet, RN
Amulet Moving Violation   X   Amulet All That Glitters O' Pinerun
DOB:  07-14-2011
AKC #:  
HP41251103 / NAWRA #:  5195 / NOTRA #:  5552
The degree to which Johnson has delighted us cannot be
overstated.  Originally, we were attracted to Johnson's rather
rare markings.  He is a blue fawn with a blue mask which is an
uncommon and relatively unfavored color combination in the
show world. But we love it.  And Johnson has grown into a
beautiful dog.  He is an excellent representation of the
Whippet form.  
Johnson is a truly delightful dog.  He is the ultimate
example of a laid back, go-with-the-flow hound dog.  
He shows no inclination to lead.  Johnson is happy
follower.  Johnson looks at the world with innocent,
child like wonder, but at the core he believes the world
is benign.  He views any negative situation with take
and deliver the rough play from the young members
of the pack.  The result is  that all the other dogs in
the house really like Johnson.  
With us, he is the consumate snuggler.  Johnson openly solicits tenderness, his favored
method being to put his elbows up on our laps and lean his head and body into us.  When
hugged and scratched he closes his eyes in an expression of extreme contentedness and
pleasure and soaks it in for as long as we care to dish it out.  He makes us feel as though
our love for him is truly a special gift and that makes us feel good.  
Johnson is still young and is quite open minded to what the world has for him in terms in fun.  He enjoys
romping and rough housing with the other dogs.  If the other dogs seem to enjoy meeting a new person, he
will join in.  If there is tug-of war, he will join-in.  If it is time to do obedience work, that is good.  Joining in is
toys and not above trying to pilfer and collect them, a relatively mild vice.  
So far, Johnson has been an utterly predictable dog.  His responses to situations are highly consistent.  He
is calm and steady and fun-loving.  He is a truly easy dog to be around.