Horsetooth Whippets has puppies!

Timmy & Penelope  - 9 puppies born Oct. 12th, 2011; 4 girls, 5 boys.  

Page last updated 01/05/12.
The Timmy & Penelope litter has been bred for personality and performance.

Both parents are:

  • Intelligent (both hold Rally-Obedience titles)

  • Friendly

  • Athletic (both hold Lure Coursing, NAWRA Sprint Racer, and NOTRA Oval
    Track Racer titles)
Moo Gu Gai Pan
Sesame Puff - now "Sceri Monkey"
Tofu - now "Cato"
Egg Drop - now "Rudy"
Snow Pea - now "Cheyenne"
Chop Suey - now "Devo"
Ginger Shrimp
Bok Choy - now "Ianto"
Timmy and Penelope represent
what we see as the perfect whippet

They are a balance of active when
you want to be and total couch
potatoes when you don't.  

They are affectionate, snuggly and
sweet.  We know their pups will be
the same!