CH Lakewood's Blue Velvet, JC, RN
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One of Bella’s secret joys is to be picked up.  She feigns indifference while she is being held but when she gets put down she
wags her tail and comes back asking for a little more “up time.”  But Bella has two unmitigated joys:

The first is running.  When it is time to run she is like a different dog, practically coming out of her skin in anticipation.  She
runs with intensity and is competitive with the other dogs. She needs to be muzzled on group sprints because she is that
intense.  We hope to get her more on the lure instead of beating up her running mates.

Bella’s second great love is the outdoors.  Regardless of what the weather is doing (in a most un-whippet-like manner), Bella
likes to be outside. She is happily independent enough to entertain herself outside alone. She just likes the stimulation of the
smells and movement to be had outside. She chases floating seeds, bugs, birds, etc. We just watched her roust and catch a
field mouse in the yard. If we had a dog door, she would be in and out a hundred times a day.

Overall, Bella is a gentle, easy going, independent dog that, outside of sprint racing, would prefer a quiet existence (except
for the sound of her own voice) with lots of time outside.  We don’t think she is a finished product and that we expect to see
more developments in her over her second year.
At the time of this writing Bella is just over 3 years old, and we feel that she is
coming into her own.  

First, she is the most talkative dog that we’ve ever had.  That is not to say that
she is loud because she is not.  She just talks. That was true when she was a
young puppy and it is true today.  If there is something going on in her head,
then it is coming out of her mouth.  

We have decided that her voice is best harkened to someone practicing the
saxophone.  When Bella is in a light mood and playing, she sounds most like a
Baritone Saxophone, think Gerry Mulligan playing “Body and Soul.”  When she
is settling down in her bed for the night, she sounds more like Stan Getz playing
a lovely Bossa Nova tune.  But when she is impatient, it is all Coltrane on the
Saprono Sax blowing “In a Sentimental Mood.”  Yes, she must have been a jazz
musician in a previous life.