Stillwater Whisper Jet, RN, OTR
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Jett has been a slow developer for us and he has had numerous nick-names as he has
slowly grown into a complete delight.  We’ve called him The Alien, Spock, Bill Murray,
Rain Man, etc.  But in the end, for people who spend time with our dogs, Jett is most
often the favorite.

As a puppy, for more than the first year of his life with us, Jett always wore the same
expression, one that can be best described as bewildered astonishment. His big,
round, dark eyes would always be taking everything in, you could see him trying to
figure it all out.  With people, he was always slow moving and shy, approaching with his
head down.   

With animals it has been a different matter.  Jett was and continues to be a dog with a
perfect demeanor around other animals.  His approach is disarming. He loves them all.  
He played hard with Penelope but gently with our other dogs and over time he has
become our nicely benign alpha.  He watches over his pack, looks to us for guidance
and when things are getting silly, he gently intervenes.  He is also protective of our cats
if they step outside.  He always brings up the rear to keep track.
Jett continued to mature into his second year and he finally “got it” and developed a wonderful personality to be around.  He
developed varying expressions to replace the bewildered astonishment. He now approaches us with his head up and seeks
attention and has developed a little bit of a sense of humor. When Jett comes for attention, he doesn’t come strait at us.  Rather,
he likes to make an orbit or brush your leg like a cat and if we address or touch him he will stop and take all the love we will offer.
If any dog gets scolded, Jett comes to apologize for them. If we are angry for any reason, it is Jett who comes forward to try to
make it right. If he is unsure of himself he is serious and deliberate.  Jett takes it seriously to figure out the right way to do things
and to do it that way when we are around. That makes him very easy to be with.  He has a lot of pride. If we are not around, he is
happy to counter surf or check out the garbage.  

Of all our whippets, Jett is the mellow and faithful hound who likes to sleep quietly at your feet. Yet Jett is the worst nest builder in
the history of dogdom. He can take a perfectly smooth blanketed bed and with methodical circling and digging turn it into the most
uncomfortable looking lumpy wad that you have ever seen.  When he lies down on it, he looks up at us with a slightly
embarrassed look

Jett is a long dog and can run really fast.  He has very long strides.  But we are still working to get him on the lure as opposed to
the other dogs.  If we get him on the lure, he should do well coursing and racing.  He started very nervous in the show ring.  He
wants to do well and he is getting better there.  

Overall, Jett is a serious and deliberate dog.  Still, he loves toys.  Jett knows what to do with any kind of toy, whether it is a
squeaker, chew bone or ball.  He loves them all and is more than satisfied to throw them around to himself and prance around
proudly with one. Given his proud demeanor, that is funny to see.  He does need love and assurance that he is doing things right,
he takes his responsibility to his pack to heart.  He loves the pack together and his absolute favorite thing in all the world is when
we all get together again after a work day.  Jett revels in reunion and it is those times we see him at his most joyous, tail wagging,
jumping up and carefree playing.