Horstooth Elizabeth Q. Linguini, RN, BN
"Lizzie Q."
Lizzie is not demanding except for food.  She loves to eat and we have to watch her weight.  She can make herself amazingly
adorable and pathetic, like Tiny Tim from
A Christmas Carol, when a begging opportunity presents itself.  When out in the open
for running, she would rather run around hunting for game. But she has recently figured out the lure and is taking running more

While not a fast whippet she does have athletic gifts. Lizzie loves jumping, climbing and heights.  The first day Lizzie was home
with us at eight weeks old, the very first time seeing a baby gate, she climbed right over it in less than 3 seconds.  That was a
preview of coming attractions.  We will find Lizzie up on a narrow window sill, on top of her crate, on the arm of a couch. For her,
our fence is merely a symbolic boundary.  We have high hopes for her in the contact elements of agility work.   

Lizzie is small enough to easily pick up which she loves.  Lizzie loves to give kisses so we have to watch our faces around her or
we will get a good dose of dog tongue. If given an opportunity, she will jump on our bed and bury herself under the covers in only
a few seconds, and then proceed to roll around under there.  

Lizzie also likes the outdoors.  If the weather is nice, she will forego the couch and lie in the sun.  In the winter, she is our lone
whippet that doesn’t particularly like to wear her jacket.

But Lizzie does like to bury herself under covers. She knows that it drives our other dogs crazy when she becomes a mysterious
moving lump under some blanket.  Lizzie loves that.

Lizzie loves cats!  She likes to follow them and give them kisses. Our cats love her back.  

Overall, Lizzie is a great example of why whippets are so easy to own.  She is laid back and undemanding.  She will take any and
all love that she gets, but doesn’t demand it.  She goes along with the pack, doesn’t get jealous and waits her turn.  For that
reason we are careful to make sure she gets special treatment frequently and she really appreciates that.
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When Lizzie arrived to us as an eight week old puppy, we wondered what we had
gotten ourselves into.  As a puppy Lizzie played
rough.  She was relentless in grabbing
hold of the other dogs’ skin and not letting go.  We would cringe to see skin seemingly
being pulled away from flesh.  Still, it never did, to our amazement, get to the point of
breaking that seemingly thin whippet skin.  

For all the rough beginnings, Lizzie turned out to be our sweetest adult.   She is omega
in the pack and a snuggly joy with us.  Lizzie is a quiet, unassuming girl.  She
approaches new situations cautiously, does not particularly like new or rude dogs
(unless they are whippets) and will let them know about it if they come close to her.  
When there is excitement or confusion, Lizzie will stand apart to assess the situation as
fun or serious and gaze at you with her eyes rapidly shifting from side to side like the
actor Pruitt Taylor Vince.  It is very funny to see.