Horsetooth Penelope Pogostick, RN, JC, SR, OTR
"Princess Penelope"
We named her Princess Penelope Pogostick and, as it turns out, that name
fits this dog to a ‘T’.    P is bright and positive to the core.  She approaches
life with joie de vie and caution is for the other dog.  In a breed that is often
reserved and can even be overly sensitive, Penelope is a breath of fresh

Mostly we just call her ‘P,’ and true to being a Princess, she believes she is
the best dog at everything.  When she shows, she will primp and pose and
even snort at show judges if they are not paying enough attention to her. If
there is a ball or lure to chase, she will do her utmost to get it first.  

However, if other dogs push in front of her for a toy or food, she politely
allows them to have it.

She absolutely loves people.  And people who meet her absolutely love
her.  There is something very alluring about her that most folks pick up on
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P is smart and loves to work.   Once she understands what is required of her, she will work very hard to do it
perfectly – whether the job is obedience, mothering a litter of pups, showing, or racing after a lure.

It is a joy to watch P race and course.  She is on the lure and competitive.  She runs with intensity with her head low.

And she is fast! In only her 3rd straight track event, P made the high point grouping (out of 21 whippets) in the third
program.  Just four months after whelping her first litter of puppies, Penelope was back on the track, easily finishing
her first straight racing title.  Less than a year later, she completed her first oval track title.  Not too shabby for a girl!

But if it isn’t a contest, P is a silly heart who wants to clown and play. If there is a commotion, P assumes it is all in
fun and gets right in the middle of it.

P has a special fondness for squeaky toys, especially when she is excited or it is close to meal time.  She will grab a
squeaky toy and begin what sounds very much like a transmission of rapid Morse Code.  This can go on for quite
some time and we have wondered if she is sending messages to some alien mother ship.

She is more playful than cuddly except when it is nap time.  Nap time means it is time to be snuggling with a person
if possible, or another whippet.  

Overall, P is our extrovert.  We never have to wonder what she is thinking as she is quite expressive.  She puts her
all into showing that she is the best, smartest, fastest, most beautiful dog in the world and longs to be acknowledged
as such.

Yet, for all of her intensity, one of Penelope's favorite times is snuggle time.   When she is being stroked and patted,
she holds very still and looks deep into your eyes - and there is a depth of knowledge and understanding in her
gaze that is a rare and precious trait indeed.

For those humans who have owned or known a lot of dogs, P stands out as one of those incredible gems that
comes along but once in a lifetime.