Stillwater Wicked Blue Polliwog, RN
Stillwater Nothn But Blue Skys   X   Stillwater Touissant
Polli came to us in January of 2010 as a diminutive puppy with a big personality.  
Her small size and ability to make the archetypal Whippet “Round Head” (This is
a crucial Whippet trait, the ability to pin their ears and look at you with round
eyes that expresses the sentiment, “You killed my Momma. How could you do
it?”) would make one think the dog is delicate and soft.  But don’t judge this book
by its cover.

Polli is a bit of a miracle dog.  At 10 months old, she got spooked at a straight
track racing event and slipped through a fence.  She was lost on the eastern
plains of Colorado in the heat of summer.  Somehow, she survived hail storms,
heat, coyotes, and other perils of the plains and made her way back to our car
(which Ken thought to park and leave in the field she'd disappeared from).  After
8 days, she was home - hungry, dehydrated - but safe and sound.
Even before she got lost, Polli loved to eat. Often.  And she can let us know in clear terms when it is feeding time.

Polli is a proud dog that takes pride in mastering  routines and she does have a predisposition to prance like a Lipizzaner
(or a Monty Python player from the “ministry of Silly Walks”).  

Polli loves to be picked up and held where she immediately goes limp and makes heart melting “round head.” She also
likes to get her day going early where she greets each new day with great enthusiasm. We all look upon her with dismay
for that trait.  
Polli loves puppies.  She was the first to climb right into the whelping box with Penelope and her pups and she took to
being an 'aunt' naturally.  She helped clean pups and their messes and was constantly snuggled up with the puppies.  
She continues this 'mothering' trait by grooming the other dogs in the pack diligently - both pups and adults.

Overall, Polli is a wonderful little addition to our pack and we look forward to watching her continued developments.
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