Timmy represents the quintessential whippet personality,
possessing the striking dichotomy that only a whippet can.

On one hand, Timmy is the ultimate couch potato, a true creature of
comfort.  He wants to be inside, and when he is inside he wants to
be on the most comfortable couch or bed he can. When he finds his
spot, he is likely to stay there for hours looking supremely
contented. In the car, he always rides in his own special spot.  He
has a special bed with extra padding in his crate that he snuggles
down into like a nest. In the winter, Timmy loves wearing his
jacket and will come asking for it if he is chilly.  And he has the ability
to pull covers over himself when he is cold, which we find funny to
Whisperun Enchanted Tim, SC, RN, SR, OTR
But when it comes to running or racing Timmy shows his other side.  Comfort or not, when it is time to run
Timmy is always ready. His true love is running. He needs little excuse to go full out and when he does, the joy
is written all over his face and body language.  The first time Timmy was introduced to racing, he wasn't very
fast because he was having so much fun he would break his stride and begin bounding up and down like the
amorous cartoon skunk "Pepe LePeu" because of the uncontained joy he felt running in the open.

True to the breed, Timmy has an inherent understanding of the lure.  Whether it is a plastic bag or a
squeaking fuzzy toy on the line, if it goes, Timmy wants it…badly.  He is a dog who rears and lunges on his
leash to get to the lure whether it is his race or not.  He doesn’t worry about the other dogs in the race as he
is not particularly competitive. He is driven to the lure and to run for the love of it.

Also true to the breed, Timmy is a particularly sweet dog.  He avoids getting into any dominance contests
within the pack, never having shown any interest to be alpha.  He likes all the other dogs and doesn’t seem to
form particular allegiances.  He’s a bit soft and sensitive, doesn’t like to be scolded - but doesn’t give us much
need. On the other hand, he delights in being praised.  We do it often since he enjoys it so much.  

Timmy has an excellent sense of humor and is prone to act goofy, to trot around in a goofy gait when he is in
a playful mood because he knows it makes us laugh.  He seems to laugh too.  When excited, Timmy gets “the
zippies” when he tucks his butt and tries running tight little circles like a whirling dervish.  

We call him “Timmy Two Guns” because Timmy has no control over the direction or distance in which he
urinates.  One can be in a spot seemingly safe from the line of fire, only to get fouled.  He has yellowed many
a whippet head in his day.  He’s more lethal than Dirty Harry.  

Timmy is also a boxer.  If there is excitement, enthusiastic play or reunions, Timmy will inevitably rear on his
back legs and pummel us all with his front feet.  Although we shouldn't encourage this, he only does it out of
happiness and we’ve gotten good at catching him and keeping ourselves out of harms way and just give him a
hug instead.  

We’ve never had a dog that enjoys a hug more than Timmy   While Timmy gets his hugs, he tips his chin to
the sky and rocks his head side to side in a manner highly reminescent of a crooning Stevie Wonder.  Yes,
Timmy is a hoot!
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