"Trading Up" and how to Avoid Resource Guarding & Dangerous Intestinal Blockages

Just your friendly dog trainer/breeder popping in with more tips.

Many pups can develop resource-guarding and/or the habit of swallowing dangerous items, because
they are so fixated on everything going into their mouths to explore/chew.

So...if your pup has something he/she shouldn't have in his mouth - DO NOT CHASE and rip it away
and make a big deal out of it.  This is way too stimulating and fun, and can lead to the dog learning
very quickly to play keep away or to begin to guard objects.

OR - they may learn to rapidly swallow whatever they have to keep it from you.  This may be the most
dangerous situation of all, as they could swallow something truly harmful, or get an intestinal
blockage, leading to surgery, complication, or even death.

Soooo...what to do?

Easy...if the pup has something you KNOW is dangerous  (trot away, clapping and singing "Puppy,
puppy, puppy." They will generally follow you.  Pick up a toy and toss it, so they'll chase it (and
generally drop what's in their mouth), or offer a treat.  When they get rid of the item you don't want
them to have, engage in a quick game of fetch or tug, or give them a treat or two.

If the pup has something that is NOT dangerous (a stick, a tiny piece of paper, a leaf, etc.), LET
THEM HAVE IT.  Dogs have been chewing up this stuff for years!  If you're in the habit of snorkeling
down their throats every time they are chewing something that is normal for pups to chew, they'll get
in the habit of quickly swallowing everything the moment they see you coming - this is exceptionally

But if it's something they can have...if you don't make a fuss, neither will they.